Rolf Landerl
futball coach

©  VfB Lübeck/ Agentur 54/Felix König

My philosophy as trainer and as players guide 

Through my long lasting experience as a football player in various countries I had the opportunity of learning to know many kinds of playing philosophies, languages, cultures and mentalities. 

My major challenge and great joy is to see, how the players develop, to understand them, to be able to follow on them to form a team and to create a recognizable playing style.  I put a special emphasis on discipline,  willingness to run, and to show team  spirit. 

Further, I appreciate my team to be attractive, with much ball possession, forwards, and all of this together with quick transitions-in both directions.
As to my person, I try to develop myself continuously and, further, I want to work with the latest knowledge and keep me up-to-date.

'the game is the best teacher'